The Ontario Colleges Language and Communication Council (OCLCC) is the official voice for English and French language and communications instruction in Ontario’s colleges. Formerly known as the Heads of Language, this group provides leadership for provincial English/French language/communications faculty and direction for communication skill assessment and language course development and delivery.

Ontario College Language and Communication Council



The ability to communicate tops the list of essential employability skills that employers require. Formerly known as the Heads of Language, the English subcommittee represents the interests of English language educators across the Ontario college system.

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Formerly known as the Heads of ESL, the ESL Subcommittee represents the interests of ESL college educators across Ontario.

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The OCLCC consists of an administrative Chair, Past-Chair, Vice-Chair, four regional representatives, and a representative from the ESL College Sector Committee.

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News and Events


Stay informed about the latest news, and find out more details about upcoming council meetings and conferences.

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Resources and Links


Find reference and resource documents of interest to the membership. Some key documents include spreadsheets which provide a compilation of common practices and areas of concern in our various corresponding courses and programs.

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